Cleaning Wood

Oiled boards:  Cutting boards, cheese and bread boards and some underliners have an oiled finish.  This oiled finish is FDA compliant for food contact.  To clean these oiled boards simply wash in warm water with a mild detergent.  Do NOT put them in a dish washer.  Dry the boards immediately.  Do not the them soak in water.  It is best to stand the boards on edge after washing to allow air to circulate around them so that they dry thoroughly.

Boards can be sanititzed with a 1% to 2% bleach solution.

As the boards dry out due to washing they will periodically need to be reoiled with a food grade mineral oil.  Knife marks can be removed with a fine grit sand paper.

Lacquered wood products:  Wood products such as sampler caddies and paddles have a lacquered finish.  To clean these products simply wipe them with a damp cloth.  Do not put these products in a dish washer or wash them by hand.  This will break down the lacquer finish.



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